Italia Anita Maria Smith is a real estate agent. She is best known as the daughter of LL Cool J, a renowned American rapper. Let’s move ahead and find out more about her early success, wiki, bio, facts, family, and more.

Quick Bio

Italia Anita Maria Smith was born to doting parents James Todd Smith, professionally known as LL Cool J, and Simone Smith. She is the second eldest of the four siblings. The names of her siblings are Nina Simone Smith, Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith, and Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith. For LL Cool J, his children are his biggest wealth. Despite his fame and success, he instilled the importance of hard work in four of his children. He did not want to spoil the children. He taught them what the real world is called and how one should contribute to the betterment of society. Italia’s grandparents are Ondrea Smith and James Nunya.


Italia Anita Maria Smith first stepped into this beautiful world on 3 January 1991 in the United States of America. She grew up in the North Shore Suffolk communities of Long Island. She is 33 years old as of April 2024. Italia loves dining out, traveling, enjoying with family, playing soccer and basketball, and celebrating festivals.

Educational Background

Italia Anita Maria Smith has studied business administration at Northeastern University, majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship. In 2019, she earned a certificate in Commercial Real Estate from Cornell University.

Personal Life

In 2013, Italia Anita Maria Smith met her soulmate, Lamar Cardinez, during a trip to Nairobi. They fell in love at first sight and started dating each other. The love birds soon married. The exact marriage date is not known till now. Italia gave birth to two beautiful daughters, Faith, and the newborn daughter’s name is disclosed yet, and one son, King, making LL Cool J. and Simone Smith grandparents.

Early Success

LL Cool J’s continuous support and encouragement to his children led them to reach the highest zenith in their careers. He always supports girls’ education and development. His great upbringing made Italia capable of achieving early success. She got the freedom to chase her dream and make it real in life. For five years, she worked as a real estate agent in New York City. Then she turned her focus to the North Shore and Suffolk communities of Long Island. She has established herself as a real estate agent and entrepreneur.

Social Media Life

Italia is a social media sensation. She has profiles on LinkedIn and Instagram. On Instagram, she has accumulated a fan following of 40.7K.


  • Italia Anita Maria Smith is the second child and first daughter of famous American rapper LL Cool J.
  • She is a real estate agent, worked for New York City, and now for the North Shore and Suffolk Communities.
  • Her mother, Simone Smith, is an entrepreneur and jewelry designer. In 2011, she co-founded her jewelry line, Simone I. Smith Jewelry.
  • Her parents were married after she and her brother, Najee, were born. In 1995, they got married, though they started dating in 1987.


Italia Anita Maria Smith is an independent real estate agent and entrepreneur from the United States. Despite being busy in her career, she gives her children proper time, love, and care.

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