Calyssa Arielle Solomon is the daughter of Nadya Suleman. Following the birth of octuplets, Nadya Suleman became the talk of the town, fueling gossip and rumor. Let’s move ahead and gather all the interesting facts about her parents, popularity, wiki, story of octuplets, and more.

Quick Bio

Calyssa Arielle Solomon is the fraternal twin daughter of Nadya Suleman, who is popularly known as Octomom in the media. Nadya conceived Calyssa and Caleb together in her fifth pregnancy. They both were born on October 3, 2016, in California, United States. Calyssa has a total of 13 siblings.


There is no information available regarding her educational background. Nadya attended Nogales High School in La Puente, California. Later, she earned a psychiatric technician license from Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut. Her mother also received a Bachelor of Science in child development.

Personal Life

Calyssa has not shared anything related to her personal life. Her mother captioned in one of her Instagram posts that her elder children don’t allow her to post their pictures online. It shows their choice of living a private life.

Parents’ Details

Her mother, Nadya, married Marco Gutierrez in 1996. They separated in 2000, and finally, in 2008, they divorced.

Everything You Need to Know About Octuplets

On 15 January 2009, Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets. She was already a mother of six, two daughters and four sons, via IVF. The story sparked controversy regarding IVF treatment, women’s health, and life danger. A woman of her age would normally have a maximum of three embryos transferred, but in her case, Dr Kamrava, under whose supervision she was taking IVR treatments, had transferred 12 embryos at one time. After the incident went to the Medical Board of California he got expelled from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Surprisingly, all of them survived, and they reached the age of 15. Raising 14 children as a single mother, she embodies extraordinary strength and perseverance despite overwhelming obstacles.


Calyssa is an artist and talented writer. She does not have any career till now. She is completing her studies first. She may choose her career in writing, given that she loves writing. Her mom is a singer, actor, and internet personality. She appeared in the 2012 adult film Octomom Home Alone. It received four AVN nominations and won for Best Celebrity Video. Nadya does an online debate on parenting along with Michael Lohan.


Calyssa has not made a name for herself yet. However, she gained popularity through her mother’s sixth pregnancy, which made their story an international topic. After delivering the octuplets, Nadya’s family became well-known to the world as the first surviving octuplets in January 2009.


  • Clarissa’s mom started IVF treatments at the age of 21 in 1997, which resulted in the birth of 14 children, including her octuplets.
  • Calyssa and her sister, Caleb, are fraternal twins.
  • Her mom is vegan, and most of her siblings prefer vegan food.
  • Calyssa’s brother Aidan has been diagnosed with severe autism and needs complete assistance in meeting his day-to-day activities.
  • Suleman conceived all her children, including Calyssa and octuplets, via in vitro fertilization.


Calyssa Arielle Solomon is an intelligent, compassionate, loving, and caring young lady. Her mother, Nadya, is so proud of her. She is a talented writer and artist.

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