Tracking your time couldn't get easier than this.

Knowing where you spend your time is the key to effectively achieving your goals but tracking your time down to the second is just a waste of time! With one click on BubbleTimer you have bubbled in 15 minutes of time. You get a handle on where all your time is going without any fuss or complexity.

Easily add and remove activities as your life changes.

Have a new activity in your life? As new activities emerge in your day and old ones drop out, it's easy to update BubbleTimer and set new goals.

Where does all your time go?

Hover over your daily total and see where you've spent your time today. Click the link to see how you've spent the last weeks and months.

Set some goals for how you'll spend your time.

Everything great in life gets done by working at it a little each day. Writing that book, screenplay or song? Launching a new side business? Training for a big run, getting your degree, or spending enough time with Dad while he is still around? Set some goals for how you spend your time, spend less time on time wasters, and watch your life change as you achieve things you didn't think possible.

Stay on top of your goals at a glance.

Are you spending your time as you hoped? Hover over any activity total to see how well you've done against your goal for the past week. Click to see how you've done in the last weeks and months.

Share your time with others.

By default all your time is kept private only to you but you can chose to share your activities with a trusted friend, a mentor, your boss, or with the whole world. You can provide a password to protect your shared time.

Creative attractive print outs.

Print your data anytime you need a physical print out.

You own your data.

Export your data at anytime into a Microsoft Office, Apple iWorks or OpenOffice document.

Sign up to try it now!

With BubbleTimer, using time well to achieve life's goals is what matters.

BubbleTimer costs just $20 a year to use but it is completely free to try. The signup form is very short, there is no commitment and no credit card required to try it. You can be tracking your time and achieving your goals right now.


“There are tasks in my day that I would like to be doing more of and less of. I can now visually see my improvement. Hands down; you have created one of the coolest, most creative apps I have seen in a longtime.”
- Matt K.

“And then it hit me - that's all there is to it! I can just bubble and go, and get back to work so I can fill in bubbles that actually matter. BubbleTimer keeps it simple, and therein lies its power! Beautiful.”
- Crystal

“I wish I had BubbleTimer when I was on The Apprentice. I love it!”
- Surya Y.
  The Apprentice (Season 6)

“Time is no longer my enemy. With BubbleTimer I see my life as it is and make changes.”
- Natalie B.

“BubbleTimer's details have been well thought out making it very clear and easy to use. It's fast, it's simple, and it's elegant.”
- Jake L.

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