BubbleTimer - Time Well Spent

What is BubbleTimer?

A gift? A miracle? A web application that lets you better control how you spend your time each day? You decide.

Why would I want to keep track of how I spend my time?

Because life is short. When you discover how much time you're actually wasting in unproductive meetings, watching television, or checking Facebook, you'll refocus on the activities that you really value. The result is a happier, more productive you. Plus, you can use it for free.

Okay, I see the value of BubbleTimer, but will it allow me to check my time against daily and weekly goals?

Yes indeed.

I'm very impressed with BubbleTimer, is it okay to feel this way?


What are people saying?

“What the hell have I been DOING? BubbleTimer has improved my productivity and maintained my sanity.”

“I use BubbleTimer to manage my life! It's enabled me to reduce procrastination and allocate my time much more effectively.”

- Barry B.

“Where are the other screens that I have to click on and navigate to-and-fro? But therein lies the beauty... everything about BubbleTimer is simple and efficient.”

“I LOVE THIS THING!! Its helping me sooooo much!!!”

- Brandon

“There are tasks in my day that I would like to be doing more of and less of. I can now visually see my improvement. Hands down; you have created one of the coolest, most creative apps I have seen in a longtime.”

- Matt K.

“And then it hit me - that's all there is to it! I can just bubble and go, and get back to work so I can fill in bubbles that actually matter. BubbleTimer keeps it simple, and therein lies its power! Beautiful.”

- Crystal

“I wish I had BubbleTimer when I was on The Apprentice. I love it!”

The Apprentice (Season 6)

“I REALLY like BubbleTimer... It's just right for me. I'm using BubbleTimer to motivate myself. The beautiful arpeggiated chime is my cue to get up and start working.”

- Sarah W.


Record your activities in 15-minute increments.
(You thought you'd never see scantron bubbles again?)


BubbleTimer gives you a clear understanding
of exactly where your time is being spent.


Manage your time when you're on the go
with BubbleTimer's nifty iPhone interface

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